Saturday, 3 January 2015

holding on and letting go.

I still cannot fall back asleep, so I wanted to share the meaning of one of my tattoos.
I have script on the back of my ribs that reads:
the strength to hold on, the courage to let go
This tattoo means the world to me. First of, it is used in the world of gymnastics, the physical strength to hold on, for example to the bars, and the courage to let go of them to execute whatever scary but amazing dismount comes next.
But that's just a bonus for me. That is not what this phrase mainly represents for me.
For me it's about life overall. Having the strength to hold on to the things that matter, not to give up even when things get tough. And the courage to leave things in the past, to move on. The courage to know that you will be okay without these things or people.
It's a good reminder to oneself, that no matter how hard things seem, you do have the strength, and you do have the courage, you just need to look inside yourself and find them.

Most importantly you need to know when it is time to hold on, and when it is time to let go.

Friday, 2 January 2015

brick by boring brick.

SS said something really interesting to me tonight.
"make sure all your bricks are gone from your last relationship. cause if you start a new one with some of your old bricks, you end up building the same house."
I think that this summarizes nicely what I am going through. Needing to make sure that I am ready for something new and not just unwillingly recreating what I previously had.
And frankly, in the end, houses aren't built in a day.

Patience is everything.